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    INTL 2 summary Empty INTL 2 summary

    Post  Topórr on Tue Jul 03, 2012 7:10 pm

    Hey all INTL palyers!

    First of all I would like to thank everyone who contributed to the successful (I think) the second season of the league. Despite a few problems and disagreements (and few "hate-toporr guys" more) league was held in a good atmosphere, and (I hope) bring you a lot of fun.
    Although league is amateur, the level of competition was very high. I enjoyed and it was a pleasure for me to manage it!

    The winner has emerged jammed finale, but what I especially enjoy, such matches were more!
    Congratulations to the DGF team which not only won in the finals, but won all other matches. It's really remarkable, because such a feat requires not only skills, but also the regularity.
    Congratulations also to the other teams which jumped on the podium: HPR, D-T and UC
    Best two teams (DGF and HPR) was awarded with tags today (sorry for looong late, I don't have much time as I wanted) Hope you will like it!

    As I I managed league most of the time, I decided to grant HPR team Fair Play Award.
    They proved that a fair fight for them is more important than success (repeated match against Nsc and honest squad for the final match).

    I would also like to thank all the team leaders, who usually have a high willingly to agreements, so that evry next league queue were held quickly and easily.

    Special thanks to:
    -Pepino (help with INTL server, tags for the winners and a million other things)
    -Silos (help with league management, selection and publication of maps)
    -Shaddy (help with promotion of the league, testing maps, creating the league's rules and other stuffs)
    -ddbb (help with testing FS maps and on TMX, and much more other things)
    -Vamosdikar (help with Nascar maps, drawing groups and other things)
    -Aras, Prest0ric, Nutella, El Pugna and all other players who help with anything.
    -All tracks Authors.

    To sum it, was very interesting months. I think that such events promote fun and very glad that most of you liked it. Thank you for your good words and see you at the track!

    NHF Toporr
    INTL Administration

    If I find some time (hope tomorrow)_I will try to chose best players from all INTL rounds and awardem them too. I will add info about it in this topic.

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